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    Default quick question?

    Been lurking around here doing my research and what not before i ask questions.

    just a quick background I got myself a brand new V1 hardwired and mounted high by my rear view mirror and also got myself a dual head laser interceptor setup.

    Now I understand that metallic tint will effect radar performance my question is will this tint right here that comes stock from factory effect performance of my V1?

    only picture I have of the tint i am referring too.

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    I have my 9500i mounted behind these dots and it works great. You're fine.

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    Typically "ceramic dots" such as those do not present problems for detectors.

    It's been said, by trusted sources such as The Professor, that such dots will in no way impair RADAR detection.

    It's unknown whether or not LASER detection will suffer. It's current belief that no, it will not, but there's residual speculation that depending on how "dense" the pattern of the dots are (optically, that is - how closely they're spaced together), it may somewhat impede the outward vision of the sensor.



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