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    Default My Co-Worker is seeing the light.....

    "Stark" my co-worker who got hit by a drunk driver last week (he's fine, and thanks everyone for the well wishes) is finally seeing the light, radar-detectorwise.....

    He's very seriously considering an '06 VW GTI as his replacement car, in "Pull Me Over Red", I dropped him a few hints that he really *should* be considering getting a radar detector if he gets that thing, which he agrees with, I forwarded him the link to the Bel 940, and told him that was the bare minimum detector to go with.....

    He's on the Escort website right now, looking at the X50.....

    I told him the only brands worth looking at are Whistler, Escort, Bel, and Valentine Research, and to avoid Cobras and other cheapies like the plague

    He's been perusing the GTI fan forums, and the general consensus there, he says, is that a RD is basically a requirement with the GTI

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    I'd say those are some good recommendations!



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