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    Default How long between detector generations?

    Based on history, how long before Escort, Bel , V! or someone else comes out with a newer generation hardware upgrade radar detector. I know it was 4 years between the 8500 and the X50. The X50 has been out for almost a year and a half. Is anyone working on a REAL upgrade to the current choices? Anyone familiar with the history of this industry that can comment? Thanx!

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    I would presume 2 and a 1/2 years on Escort. The problem is that that range hasnt really changed that much over the years. V1 was ahead of everyone else in that dept in radar, but the new X50 has equaled that. The only thing I can think of besides some new threat that comes about would be an upgrade to the laser detection.

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    Default When will they redesign?

    Valentine and Escort(8500,7500...) are basically the first gen radars... they have not changed design since they were released.

    When do you think they will redesign?



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