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    I bought an Escort 8500 x50 a few months ago and every once and a while it'll randomly give a POP alert for about 15 seconds and then go away.

    Also, i want to hardwire it, but first id like to know if it matters where on the windshield i mount it. I want to mount it in the top left hand corner and theres nothing obstructing the view so i was wondering if my detectors range will be affected at all.



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    turn pop off as it is very rare, it is the best location to mount for better range.

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    Make sure that if its in the top left, it is facing forward for the most part... because some windshields have a 'drastic' tamper (angle) out from the center. Normally just to the left or right of the RVM is advised.

    If it is behind the tint strip, laser will probably be reduced, but if you get hit with laser, your screwed anyways.

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    I wouldn't turn POP off if you live in an area where POP is suspected of being actually used, like where I live, Nevada, as far as I have read though we seem to be the only State in the US that needs to worry about it at the moment for some reason. That's always subject to change though, and it would happen without notification to you by your local LEO's if they were to suddenly start using it.

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    With an x50, just turn POP off.

    Look at how poorly the x50 performed in actually picking up *true* (i.e. verifiable) POP via not only the latest (but also historical) GOL tests....

    Couple that with the x50's tendency to false POP with that detection enabled, it's a case of lose-lose. You end up putting up with more falsing (causing eventual end-user desensitization), with very little actual potential protection capability.

    If POP's a true worry, get the V1. At least with that, you'd stand a chance.



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