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    Default Radar gun sampling times

    Does anyone have a list of what dsp-based guns' sampling times are? I could figure out some possible scenarios, e.g.,

    (33*10^9 Hz)(4 m/s)/(3*10^8 m/s) = 440Hz (~10mph, longest lambda doppler tone on most of these units)
    So, ten periods would be about 22.7ms.

    What are realistic values of dsp guns? Longer than pop, I know.


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    Default sure

    Where is the professor on this one?

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    I don't know off hand, but maybe you can get a good general idea by searching patents...

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    Heh, do you think that it would be worth it to go through patents?

    IIRC, at least one of my ATR's has a socketed DIP EPROM. I could always go that way, but it would suck to have to disassemble for an obscure architecture for 1998-era hardware...

    Anyone else with knowledge?



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