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    Default Hardwire Install

    I'd like to splice into the wires that power the vanity lites in a rear view mirror for an Impala. I havent checked whether they are 12 v yet but are there any issues here I'm not aware of. It seems like an ideal location to get power.

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    That should work, everything in the car runs on 12V (except for the spark plugs of course)

    I prefer to tap into an accessory circuit that cuts off when you turn off the car, and when you start the car. The vanity light circuit is probably always on.
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    I use the back of the Cig Lighter, it only work when the car is on, also I have a remote starter, when I start the car with the remote the Cig lighter don't get power until I put my key in, I like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpatz
    That should work, everything in the car runs on 12V...The vanity light circuit is probably always on.
    kpatz is correct :!:

    In most all GM and Ford vehicles the vanity/visor mirrors are on a constant circuit. I would opt for another power source that is switched, like kpatz and LiQuiDz discussed in their replies.

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    My cars cigarrette lighter is constant 12v so i tapped into the assersorie wire.



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