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    Hi all,

    I am from Egypt and asked a friend of mine to buy me an RD from USA and he got me the Cobra XRS 9980, i did not know that Cobra was not that good until recently, but my friend told my that the XRS 9980 is the latest and it is very good RD...i am really confused!!! any suggestion ..... specially that most of our radars here in Egypt are "speed Cameras"

    Thanks in advance.

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    The 9980 is a junk detector particularly for photo radar

    YouTube - Cobra XRS 9330 vs Multanova Ka-band 34.3GHz

    Most of the Cobra XRS'es are on the same platform, performance will not differ much between models. (As opposed to 2 seconds, the top Bel/Escort/Valentine units got well over 30s warning)

    Your friend is misinformed as to the reputation of Cobra products -- they are marginal performers at best.

    Photo radar is probably one of the weakest powered radars you can encounter, where extreme sensitivity is crucial to getting alert time.


    If you want a budget detector that will perform well, I recommend the Whistler XTR-690/Pro-78. The manufacturer and reviewers have said this unit has been especially tweaked to perform well against multanova, and has otherwise all-around good performance too.

    Of course, if you have the money you can never go wrong with a V1, Bel STI, or escort 8500 x50 or 9500i.

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    Ka band sensitivity is the key to avoiding those low powered radar speed camera systems. This is where the Cobra lacks:
    Also, the Bel STi-R is a remote mounted radar detector that is new to the market(also expensive) that has selectable Ka bands and is rumored to be more sensitive than any of the RDs on this list. It would be as good as there is for detecting these cameras.



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