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    Default Hardwire X50 to Merc C230

    Anyone has links/ photos/suggestions.


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    Red wire is usually positive
    Black wire is usually ground

    Thats about all I have for you.

    Also may help...

    They actually have free on line manuals to just about every single vehicle made, no more having to spend money on service manuals for your vehicles.

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    Default No replies?

    can any 1 of the experts contribute?

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    Since you do have a Mercedes, I'd suggest going with an integrated radar detector like the new Escort 9500ci or the older Escort SR7 (which is similar to an 8500 in operation). Those might do you better for what you need.

    Otherwise, hit up the Escort forum and search in the threads. This has been addressed before. There's a special power wire you can get, I don't remember it's name (something like invisible wire) which plugs into your mirror's power supply.



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