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    Default Windshield vs. Install

    I have done a bunch of searching and people do say that a windshield mount is better than an install like a Bell RX75 or others. My question is, how much better are they? I hate having the detector on the windshield and would ideally like to have an install, but if i am loosing that much performance...

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    If you have traffic in front of you or you are trying to detect radar over a hill then the performance difference pretty drastic. It's not that there is anything wrong with the Belscort remotes, it's just the physics of having an antenna mounted behind your bumper. With a vehicle in front of you it will be looking at a whole bunch of metal instead of looking through glass. As for a hill, a higher mounted antenna stands a decent shot of picking up the signal before it picks you up. Not the case for alow-mounted antenna because by the time it sees over the hill you will be fully in view.

    Beyond that, do you really want to spend the extra $$? The newer Belscort remotes list at something like a grand for practically the same technology that you will get in an RX65 or an X50. For my money, the best bet is a high-mounted dash-mount with a hard wire kit. Plenty of stealthiness with money left over for laser countermeasures!

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    Heres a question, what if i get the rx75 and take the antenna that's supposed to go behind the bumper and mount it say right behind my rear view mirror? or somewhere else in my car, maybe where the headliner meets the windscreen?

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    good point, I would guess it would work the same, as physically, they are in the same location...

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    you could mount the antenna higher but why not save money and get a dashmount detector

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    maybe you live in an area where detectors are illegal? or travel through that area all the time? most people will look at a radar antenna from one of the remote mount units and not know what it is. Maybee you just want a fairly stealth install and don't want anyone knowing you want an RD.



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