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    Default Pondering Buying a V1, Questions Inside (Houston Area)!

    Hello all,

    New to the forums here. I have a question regarding if I should even buy a radar detector in Houston. I travel mainly Houston PD patrolled roads (highways specifically 59 Kingwood to University of Houston) and from most of the research I've done laser is what is used.

    My question is should I even bother buying one? I know its rare to receive laser scatter to alert you before hand but for those who have driven in Texas what is the laser to radar rate? If its over 80% laser on the highways I'm guessing it would be a $399 investment to let me know when I'm getting a ticket. I'm not looking to invest in a laser jammer (I may be wrong but aren't they $1000+ for the good ones?) since I should just slow down anyways. Then again one saved ticket almost pays off for the V1 assuming court costs + defensive driving / paying off the ticket.

    [Edit] One more question, several officers I have talked to have stated if they see a radar detector in the windshield your chance of a warning goes out the window. Anybody able to disprove this?

    If anybody could shed any insight, it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Chances of getting a warning are low in the first place, either mount high, or pull it down as soon as you think an officer is coming after your azz.

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    First of all, welcome to the board. RADAR is everybit of a threat as laser is. So if you invest in a RADAR detector, you won't be wasting your money. I'm sure Erickonphoenix will see your post and will chime in and give you his experiences with his V1. Erik is from the Houston area as well. But from what I have read on this forum, buying a V1 is a good investment. V1's are known to have the best ability in detecting laser (LIDAR). My advise is to do a lot of reading on here to determine which RD will meet your needs best.

    You run with a CB? We might have crossed paths, I live in Spring. Take care.

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    There have been a few discussions on here about if a LEO sees a RD if you get pulled over.

    The common consensus is that it doesn't help of course. Much of it depends on the LEO, how fast you were going, how you response to the RD, your sex and age, and how you conduct yourself with the LEO. Personally I like to know I've been hit if I get a ticket.

    I have actually been pulled over twice with no hit. Once when I wasn't speeding, but going faster than the flow. Those times I left it proudly displayed. I didn't get a ticket either time. I have also not gotten a ticket on barren roads doing ~PSL+10. But I have 10+ years of a clean record so that helps.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you drive on the freeways in Houston the V1 will give you too much chatter unless you're a gadget junkie like me and have to know everything going on around you. HPD commonly shoots laser behind overpasses. Since they only use the Pro Laser 3 the Escort ZR3 laser jammer can jam it very well. Also, since the PL3 has incredible range, HPD typically shoots from quite a distance which helps the ZR3 jam even more effectively.

    For your budget it sounds like you need an Escort 8500 X50 or a 9500i. Then add a ZR3 laser jammer which interfaces nicely with both. If you listen to music at all I also suggest adding the external speaker, the Escorts factory volume is too low and you run the risk of missing alerts.

    Oh yeah, HPD doesn't give warnings. They print you out a ticket with little or no interaction and have you back on the road in about five minutes. It's a very mechanical process. Unless of course your an attractive female and/or cry when your pulled over.
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    I'll highly suggest you get either a 9500i or V1. The trade off is, are you willing to give up some sensitivity/consistency for more really nice features such as LockOut and an awesome Auto Sensitivity mode.

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    If laser is a major threat then get a jammer.

    No RD will ever save you (besides on rare occasions of scatter)



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