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    Default Conceal job opinions

    Hi guys I've been lurking for about a month. Bought a STI Driver because I live in Canada (Ontario) and I am working on ideas for a conceal.

    I have posted some pictures of what I was working on but Iím not sure if its too weird and obvious that something is being concealed to a LEO if I got stopped randomly for something (holiday RIDE check, seatbelt check, parking lot look-in). I know you cant see a detector but I think a LEO might look in and thing "what the he!! is that". Maybe I am paranoid.

    I took some foam and cut it to the size of the CD holder and then cut out a section in the centre for the RD. Then I covered the whole thing in t-shirt material. I heard here the T-shirt will not affect the detection (hope this is correct). Will it affect Laser detection? I am not as concerned about rear detection as I am about getting caught so I covered it.

    Next step was to conceal the wire but I am not as happy with the install as I though I would be so I am holding out for some advise.

    Comments and advice would be great. Thanks.

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    why not just get the STI remote?

    seams like a really stealth install but if I wanted complete stealth I would get the remote version.

    how well has it worked set up like that?

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    I would just try to rotate the CD visor a little so the detector is more level. Otherwise I think it looks great! I first clicked this topic and thought you were asking for opinoins on where/how to hardwire it, but then I actually read it and saw that the detector is already there. Looks great.

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    Those black cd holders, one laying on the visor itself and the other one over the sti so it makes the entire package all black, is the best way to go, so, so far you're good to go... I wasn't able to see any STI mounted in those pictures so I understand it's not ready for work yet... the best is to hardwire it (done mine by the car audio dept of the Circuit City in Buffalo, NY), the entire wire will go inside the headliner and the 2-3 inches that go outside the headliner into the STI will be all covered by the cd holder... tinted windows also help a lot... use your new tool wisely and do not be a smarta$$ in front of anybody (real life), you never know who is gonna turn you to the local cops for use of illegal equipment in your car... using it wisely, you won't have a problem for years, using it mine since 09/06, STI is a super great tool for any pro driver... drive safely :wink:

    Also you need this for your ultimate pro install:

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    Great work , Leo would'nt think there is a rd there , now just watch your behavior in case of alert ....some like to test your reaction on the brake pedal .

    Personnally living in banarea and had experienced seizure by Vg-2 ,
    I prefer the concept '' out of sight but easy to grab '' of course it always
    depends the configuration of your car 8) . I prefer loosing a couple of milliseconds at alert then loosing my tool to Leo's eye.

    At least resort = throw by the window ....when feasible :wink:

    Make sure you can kill the unit stealthtily 8)

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    +1 on what others said about making it more level. Your laser detection is just about shot. I would also like to suggest that you drill or some how put holes in your pouch for ventilation. Leaving your RD in such an enclosed space is bound to make it overheat more than it already does. The T shirt material and the foam will act like an insulator. I have a similar set up, and i took a drill and drilled a bunch of small holes in my visor pouch on all sides. Since the pouch is black, it is very hard to see holes in it.

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    Thanks for all the advise.

    I wish I had the STR-Remote. When I ordered a few weeks back it wasnt on the Beltronics website and at $1000+ I likely wouldnt have bought it anyway.

    I am a very cautious driver. I have mellowed since I hit 30+ but every year I get a looser-lottery ticket somewhere stupid, like on a long stretch of a divided highway where I can do no harm to anyone. I am sick of being taxed to death and worrying about my insurance rates going up.

    Yes, I can pull down the visor to make it more level. I will do this when on a highway trip.

    I'll keep an eye on the heat and look at putting some holes in.

    I took a cruise by a regular trap this morning and sure enough about 1/2 mile ahead I could see the cruiser backing into his hiding place. I drove by in a loose pack and he was just watching. No detection on the STI the entire time. I decided to turn around up the road a bit and go back through but by the time I got there he had someone pulled over & still no signal. I am assuming I\O here. I wasnt sure if the the smaller, local LEOs had it in Ontario, I guess now I know.



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