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    Default Possible false alarms for Ka band.


    I live in CA . Im curious what are some devices that causes false Ka alarms on highways and freeways?

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    I have heard that Cobra's leak out microwaves in the Ka-band. More specifically, they say the upper models leak out Ka. I own a ESD 7000 (the cheapest model) and it easily leaks out on the X-band. But also sporadically leaks out on the Ka-band. To think of it, the Cobra gives out a weak X-band signal, but a very strong Ka-band signal. So maybe that's why we tend to pick up Ka, since it has to travel a few feet.

    Another source of Ka-band is from speed sensors. Personally, I only know of sensors operating on the K-band. But people on this forum have said that they pick up Ka-band from speed sensors that are scattered across interstates and highways across the country.

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    Default Re: Possible false alarms for Ka band.

    Quote Originally Posted by RabbitInTheMoon

    I live in CA . Im curious what are some devices that causes false Ka alarms on highways and freeways?
    Do you see these in the same spots day after day? And where are they? I ask because I'm going to the bay area in the morning for business and could check it out if I find the time. I'm working in Modesto and could easily fly back from any of the 4 airports up there.

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    i've never had any ka falses in the same spot. my guess is it is always leaky detectors. sometimes i suspect i'm picking up an officer on another road. once i had a strong ka band reading for a while and i was on a freeway and a highway crossed under it. i saw an officer driving under me on the highway and realized i was getting a reading from an officer driving in a 90 degree angle from me. what was so awkward is I got a strong long reading off of him/her.

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    Leaky Cobra's are one source. With tech mode, I am able to distinguish these. They usually show a low Ka reading. I got a confirmed Cobra false today at 33.761. I've also received several Ka "falses" from construction zones. The ones around me are at ~34.7xx. I love tech mode 8)

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    Like the others have said, leaky detectors top the list.


    Another possibility, especially in the more "Ritzy" areas, is the increased prevalence of vehicles equipped with RADAR-enabled active safety or cruise-control devices.

    Yes, I know, it's supposed to only be a problem on K-band, but I swear, TWICE now, I've had these vehicles trip off full-blast Ka-band warnings on my 9500i.

    I don't really know why this is happening, though - perhaps the signal was so strong (due to proximity) that it caused some sort of saturation effect, and thus caused the detector to report the wrong band?



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