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    Default Consturction Season- Drones

    With the advent of construction season, there are plenty of construction signs with drones mounted to them, at least in PA. They are highly annoying, and I will be hitting my mute button often :x

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    when i traveled to PA last summer a few times, there were construction signs everywhere with those damn drones. my X50 was going nuts every time. Jersey had a construction sign drone set up on I287N right before the I78 exits for prob about 5/6 months. had to mute every day since i had to go past on my way home from work, it was really annoying. then 1 day, boom no signal and as i drove by i looked and the drone was gone. now it doesnt matter cause i have my 9500i and if it comes back i can lock it out.

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    IL has them on every construction display board on I-294

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    be careful around those drones I have seen LEOs sitting behind them shooting radar.

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    Since I don't know what RD's yall have, I'm wondering if they are drones, or are they SWS. If some of yall have RD's with SWS detection or de-coding ability, do yall have that turned off. SWS is a technology I was hoping would take off but from I have seen, it really hasn't.
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