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    Did any one hear about Cellstar and more specifically the CellStar SKY-230DL?
    What really caught my eye was "It also detects police radio and figures out whether they are heading towards you in the same direction or on the other side of the road." This is from 2003 so who knows where they are now.

    Is this any good or is it Japan's RockyMountain?

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    MEM-TEK posted that awhile ago I believe. I'd be interested to test it out, but I wouldn't put too much down on it.

    However, the Japanese can make some pretty advanced gadgets, so maybe it works wonders over there, but I doubt it's work too well over here (the US).

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    It seems to me I read here the police radio detectors like this kind of came and went as just another hype item that never delivered as expected or desired for some reason. I read enough on it only to lose quick interest.

    The search engine with the phpBB software is little to be desired, I've often found searching google to find specific threads here on this site works much better than its own internal search engine supplied by phpBB.




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