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    Default What about Micron Fusion


    I was surfing and found out this

    It seems to be like the Cheetah but in addition they have wireless Rd integrated.

    Does someone had some experience with ?

    As no one is spaking about this micro fusion. Any test ? Any info ?

    Best regards

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    Default Re: What about Micron Fusion

    Quote Originally Posted by fredeurope
    It seems to be like the Cheetah but in addition they have wireless Rd integrated.
    Take that comparison back!!!!!!!!! :wink:

    Couple slight differences.

    Our products work, we give customer service, we take support calls if you ever need any help, we give a warranty you can rely on, we produce our own database, we don't sell "jammers" for 100 that don't work and we don't rip off graphics from Rocky Mountain Radar (of all people) or Mike Valentine.

    You're in France right?

    Our wireless detector would be far better for you - most French traps are K band. (I think we've had this conversation before.)

    Alternatively choose a decent detector and you can make it work wirelessly with our stuff.

    Don't waste your money on their radar detectors or jammers. Give it to the homeless instead.

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    c'est du merde :P

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    hello Allyoops & SmaartAassaabr

    thanks for the answer, Ally yep you have answered me that no problem and i would say in a perfect way :wink: (i will prbably soon contact you)
    by the way i wanted to see if others guys had this experience with Fusion too as it is always interesting to have some feedback

    what we can say is that on some products there are NO test for sure a no US product had no interest for US market then we can undestand it

    Have a nice Eastern time to all

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    microfuzion post their Rds on ebay claiming to have 2 radar horns like V1 and even go so far as to post a rough out line of both their product and another one of V1 like in V1 adverts showing the advantages of rear detection except they reverse the pics around to make it look superior to the V1 :shock: .

    such a fraud, like so many others :roll: .

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    Microfusion infringed on V-1's graphics from their website and called them their own. AND they are even totally incorrect regarding their own Micro Fusion product!

    What a joke!



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