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    Default Mount high or low?

    Hi, I have an Escort 8500. I have it mounted very low, since that is what the directions say to do. After reading for a while here and seeing pics, it looks like a lot of you mount them very high. I was told this is ineffective especially for detecting laser. What do the tests say :?:

    Thanks, LH

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    mounting high has some pros and cons, and the low mounting has the same....

    mounting high is you may get an advanced warning to laser by the laser boucing off cars being targeted in front..... though cons are that mounting high may miss a direct laser hit! but normaly once you hear the alert your speed has normaly been read, but if they are targeting you from a distance and you have veil and you get a laser warning from the detector and the officer may not be able to lock on to your speed at a certain range giving you the chance to slow down before he gets a laser lock!

    if you mount low you may miss getting an advanced warning to laser before the he targets your car!

    but you may get an alert on direct hit but at close distance a direct hit means if your speeding you've had it!

    thats why they made laser jammers which your better off buying one since they are legal in usa apart from a few states!

    laser detection is a iffy subject. you cant always get an advanced warning!

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    Mounting Your Radar Detector

    First off, it is a good idea to follow manufacturer's recommendations:

    Passport x50 and BEL RX-65:
    "Using the Windshield Mount, mount your Passport level, and high enough on your front windshield to provide a clear view of the road from the front and rear."

    Valentine One:
    "Valentine One works best when mounted high in the windshield, and toward the center between the windshield pillars. Use your choice of windshield or visor mounts"

    However, here's the different points of view on this:

    High mounting

    -Good for Radar: higher mounting gives you more "line-of-sight" with the targeting radar. If you do the math, one foot higher mounting gives you an few tenths of a mile extra, maybe even more than 1/2 mile. Tthe average driver isn't likely to notice such a small difference in range, but it might help out in a pinch (detecting brief instant-on at long range)

    -Good for laser targeting vehicles ahead, since it can "see" through their windows better etc...

    -Bad for laser targeting you, since it is mounted further from the aiming point (front plate).

    Low mounting

    -Not as good for radar, but you might not be giving up too much.

    -Good for Laser Targeting you: closer to the aiming points(front plate/lights). More likely to give a laser warning when you are targeted, and you'll have time to slow down if they don't get a reading on the first shot, if you have a dark vehicle, are using VEIL, etc.

    -Not as good for laser targeting vehicles ahead, since it can't see through their windows as well

    In my humble opinion, as far as mounting and performance goes:
    -If you don't have a Blinder, and have a dark car/VEIL, then mount low, you'll have a good chance of geting a warning when you're being hit and can slow down before he gets a reading.
    -If you have a Blinder then you covered for laser pretty well. You might as well mount the detector high to maximize radar range.
    -If you have a light-colored car that can be easily targeted by laser, no blinder or VEIL, then mount high, and you might have a better chance of getting lucky with a prior warning when a vehicle ahead is targeted.

    Something else to keep in mind: if you mount TOO low then you could obscure the rear radar or laser sensor on your detector.


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    Default Re: Mount high or low?

    Quote Originally Posted by LaserHater
    Hi, I have an Escort 8500. I have it mounted very low, since that is what the directions say to do. After reading for a while here and seeing pics, it looks like a lot of you mount them very high. I was told this is ineffective especially for detecting laser. What do the tests say :?:

    Thanks, LH
    I have my detector up high but below the tint. The trick is to put your detector up as high as you can but below the window tint part as yes you are right it will make for bad laser range and it will make your changes of being saved from a laser hit even less likely.

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    Hey all I am new here, and have been posting my experieance all over the board here...

    Anyways, like the post above says, I posted high, and recently got my first taste of PROLASER (all is well!) I got early warning (cars ahead of me althought I did notice the cop on the sidewalk up aways (I was not speeding) and just as I came to the conclusion, BAM LASER ALERT!!! I was not expecting LASER although knew it was just getting used out on the highways in my area.

    As I rolled up close I was actually by my lonesome, very freaky being targeted by laser, watch the LEO target me, with my RD silent, then as I continued forward, BAM!!! AGAIN LASER ALERT!!!, now this in the up close range, and with my RD mounted high, it picked it up... and not to mention yet another LEO a little ways down the way waiting for those that thought the coast was clear was again shooting PROLASER, AGIAN LASER ALERT!!! (cars ahead of me).

    I actually whip a uturn soon after (legal) to have fun, and the RD rear laser detetion pict it up as passing by, are simply in the area of the LEO.

    BUT MY WARNING every model of RD works differently, tonight I read up on my radar, Bel 985, and it stated it had possible the best LASER detection available, but of coarse high percentage if your LASER alert goes off, you have a ticketalready.

    SAfe driving out there folks!

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