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    Default Just a little comparison

    i was bored and decided to see how well my RX-55 stacked up against the other detectors i would want to replace it with.

    since i live in NZ we only have to worry about Ka and Laser, hence why theres no X or K.

    i used Data from the GOL march 07 test.

    i took the average of each Frequency converted it to Meters then took the combined Average to get a result.

    and here are the results.

    btw average is in Meters.

    by no means scientific but i think it demonstrates a rough estimate of how well they compare.


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    This test has a fatal flaw.

    To make it relevant (not necessarily accurate, but at least relevant), you have to weight each radar band by the proportion of hits it represents. The accuracy of this weighting will determine how relevant the figures are.

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    IMO weighting all 3 Ka bands together makes as much sense as just averaging all of the bands together.... It was tested separately for a reason -- detectors can behave very differently from frequency to frequency.



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