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    Default An RD is good not just for radar/laser!!!

    HOV lanes as well!!! Today at about 4PM (rush hrs), in Toronto, for the locals Don Mills north of Wynford, right lane is a HOV lane btwn 3 and 7PM (morning as well), at Wynford got a Ka 33.8 alert, I knew it it's 100% real but no idea where it came from, right away I got into the mid lane (3 lanes in total), the non-HOV lanes bumper to bumper as always but the HOV lane fully empty, extremely tenting but... Ka 33.806 beep, beep, beep... driving along that Don Mills all over sudden saw the cop pulling over the HOV lane rebels (in Toronto you must have 3 people in the car to legally drive HOVs during rush hours, that's just for the city, for the 404 and 403 2+ people in the car), his cruiser parked on the sidewalk right by Green Belt, open windows (finally the first day of spring in our area), nobody inside, the guy (not a white cop that's why he was wearing a Russian-style winter hat) outside working on the delinquents... his radar unit left on, they know that 1 in a million will have an RD in our area... so good to have an RD these days

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    Indeed -- I've told the story here before but one nasty winter day my Whistler RD actually increased my situational awareness enough to prevent what could've been a nasty around-the-corner accident on snow... an accident with two cop cars blocking the road trying to clear it off around a corner, normal speed limit is 55. That day I was driving 40 which I felt was prudent given the weather conditions when my Whistler went off entering a curve. It made me pay closer attention to faint reflections of strobe lights off a nearby sign post which caused me to start slowing down..... one of the accident vehicles was half in my lane. That could've been nasty if I barreled into it at 40mph

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    Yep I have actually been saved a few times when an officer was sitting at the end of a long road in a neighborhood with a line of stop signs (where you really couldn't speed) - had to be watching for stop sign infractions i'm sure but left the radar on so of course you know he's there before you get to the sign...



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