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    Default Arizona: Phoenix / Scottsdale / DPS

    Can anyone recommend the best RD to use in AZ under $200

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    For under $200, I personally recommend either the Whistler Pro78 or Bel V955. Both allow you to turn off X band, which I have not seen in Arizona and both are pretty good in K and Ka, both of which are used quite a bit in Arizona.
    Radarbusters Radar Detectors Under $200

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    Pro 78 Rev C is alot more quieter !

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    I've only seen DPS use Ka in the Phoenix metro area. Typically they run constant-on and sometimes run through traffic at 80-85 to come up from behind on people. These often show on your RD as intermittent signals for a minute or two, but it's easy to spot ahead of time.

    I've seen Phoenix PD and other towns make use of Ka a bunch. Though laser is well used, but they can only use laser when they're stopped. The radar trailers/SUVs/minivans are typically Ka, though I think some of them are K-band. I've never had an issue spotting one of them ahead of time. There seems to be more of them in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area.

    I run a Bel Vector 995 in the car and a Vector 955 on the bike. Both of them have the same performance, the 995 just has a few more customizable features. I turned off X-band for both of them as X-band isn't used in the Phoenix metro area...possibly not even in the state. They perform very well, but they do pick up K-band false alerts from Circle K stores and supermarkets. I haven't used the Whistler Pro 78 Rev C, but people say they're a little quieter.

    Money-no-object-wise, I'd likely be looking at the Escort 9500 for use in the city, and a Valentine One for traveling out across the desert.

    As for laser...
    None of the above will save you from laser. They can detect laser, but only if the laser is pointed at you. Which means by the time your alert goes off, the officer would already have your speed. Only a laser jammer would be an effective countermeasure against laser.



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