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    Default Handheld radar detector

    Gday everyone. For a bit of research I知 doing, is it possible to buy/make a radar detector that is possible to carry around? I知 looking in the order of 1-2 or less kilograms, and a size of about a large handheld two-way radio. I have just about no knowledge in this area, so I値l make myself clear. It must detect if a radar emitter is emitting radar waves, and also must not interfere with the radar receiver. I know that the power supply could be a bit of a problem, but surely you could modify it so that it needs only 9 volts or so?
    The radar waves this device needs to detect will be anti-personell radars, so does this make any difference to the detector? And also, there is a slight chance that the detector may need to detect military type anti-personell radar waves. Will this affect the sensitivity? Look, I知 sorry if I sound like a complete nuthead, but I do need some advice all the same. Ta.

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    What can be easily found is a cordless windshield mount radar detector, pop in some AA batteries and walk around with it...

    Probably a bit smaller than what you're looking for though, I'd expect a few grammes and maybe the size of a pack of cigs...



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