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    Default Laser alrert Comparison.

    Yesterday my wife and I went for dinner with my parents. We decided to dinner in downtown Cleveland, but take two cars so we could return to our respective homes quickly.

    My father was driving with his X50 (which I recommended he buy). I had my V1.

    We were heading up 77 north near the E55th st exit... suddenly we come around a bend and see brake lights, then a cop shooting radar.

    My V1 alerted to laser, the X50 did not. Of course my father may not have been targeted, you never know....

    Anyway, I think I got lucky, because I was doing about 85 when I got the laser alert... I'm guessing he must have shot somebody other than me.

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    Default Re: Laser alrert Comparison.

    I think its now a fact that the V1 has better laser range.

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    V1 is def dominate on laser.... but if you have a jammer, you will start to love being hit with laser



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