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    Default False Rumors Floating around on 9500 Ci

    There are several individuals claiming to be Escort Dealers that have been telling their customers that have pre-ordered the 9500Ci from their company that they are unable to release them as Escort has issued a recall.

    This rumor is completely false!

    To date Escort has only released three "final production" units to reviewers, one of which I have.

    Escort is planning to release the 9500Ci to the general market later this week.

    A comment that was made inside Escort when I called them today was "how can we recall something that we haven't sold yet?"

    This false rumor supports my position in "Buyer Beware" when dealing with unauthorized dealers and/or websites that pre-sell a product with unrealistic commitment dates.

    I am now in the process of testing the 9500Ci and will post my review hopefully this weekend both here and on my blog.
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    Thanks Roy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrams80
    Thanks Roy.
    x2. Great 'insider' scoop Roy. (As always).

    Does this also mean the ZR4 will be 'officially' released with the 9500ci later this week (on their website)?



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