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    Default Visual vs Audio Alerts??

    Just getting into the RD scene with a new 9500i. What comments do you seasond RD veterns think about the visusl alerts such as this:
    or this:

    I just bought the 6LED visual alert and seam to like it. I am using my RD on a motorcycle and I don't think I want all that 'screaming' in my ear buds (I use a StarCom com system)

    What do you pros think??? Or have there been any official studies on this??

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    I don't use a RD when on a motorcycle (they cant catch me). :twisted:
    However i prefer audio alerts especially on the 9500I, it tells me what band and if its in expert mode it will also tell me if there is multiple frequency's detected and when im almost on top of the alert.
    The 9500I has auto mute that will mute after 4-5 loud beeps and its relative to your max volume so it works pretty well for applications like yours.

    The one plus i see for a visual alert is its less likely to scare you when it goes off and it will probably be more accurate as to distance of alert.

    I guess in the end if you want the most information and urgency audio would be best.
    If you want the least least amount of distraction with minimal urgency visual would be best. Visual alerting is less intrusive and allows you to maintain concentration on more important things.

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    i prefer audio warnings... i don't need anything else to make me take my eyes off the road. if i'm going hard into a corner, i don't want to have to be looking at anything except where i need to be going... i have been warned mid turn of a cop on the next straight that i would not have known about had it been a visual warning.

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    Not a rider, so unfortunately, I cannot assist in terms of preferences, etc. ops:

    Just wanted to also bring this product to-light, as it's another along these lines:


    There's also the Cheetah VizAlert:

    Hope this isn't some form of Forum faux-pas, and if so, I do apologize. ops:

    I thought that the direct-link was OK, as Cheetah does maintain their own sub-Forum here in this community.



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