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Thread: V995 for Pro 73

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    Default V995 for Pro 73

    Have a V995 got about two weeks ago thinking of trading it for a Pro 73 what is your thoughts on this??? The pro 73 better?? or the V995?? The only thing that scares me about the V995 is the service required issue. The only concern about the Pro 73 is the falsing. Would like to know what those of you here on the board think. Friend of mine ordered the Pro 73 the same day I ordered the V995 he wants the V995 and I thinking about the Pro 73 just wandering everyones thoughts on this possible trade?????


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    The V995 is way better. Just get it the V995 fixed or replaced if it's broken.

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    I agree totaly with StealthJamal. Keep the V995, I owned the Pro 73 and let me tell you, the falsing is unreal. I think the Pro 73 detects well but you will never know if it's real or not. I sold my 73 and got an RX65 and the V995 is the same detector as the RX65 from what I hear. The Pro73 would false on every band. Very much so on Ka, and I just can't have those kind of falses because my area is full of Ka. Keep the V995, you can thank us later.

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    See if you friend will let you use the V995 and use your PRO73 together and see which one you will like better.

    I bet the Bel unit will be a better unit due to less falses than the Whistler unit.
    I own a PRO58 and while it does detect real threats at a good range it does false to much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthJamal
    The V995 is way better. Just get it the V995 fixed or replaced if it's broken.

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
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    GPS Nav-Garmin nuvi w/Trapster
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