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    Default Use the rx65 and the x50 now looking for 995 what do u think

    Hey i just sold my rx65 to my cousin which workd really well, and then i bought the x50 which i didnt like that range on it so i return it, and know iam getting my money back for like 287, iam actually really short on chash righ know and without a detecoo, since i used both the rx65 and the x50 should i buy an vector 995 or another rx65 since it worked for me. but i wanted to try somethin differnt, if i get the 995 would i be dissapointed in the range.

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    Hmm I'm wondering if your older RX65 was a S7. The newer M4 Belscorts (im sure your new 8500 was a M4) are quieter than their predecessors because they were designed to do a better job of suppressing false alerts. I got acclimated to the S7 and my initial experiences with an M4 lead me to believe that the M4 platform was inferior because it was quieter going through town, therefore had less range but after seeing it in action on real LEO encounters, its a top notch performer. The S7 vs. M4 debate went on for quite a while here.

    When you say you didn't like range, are you basing that conclusion on actual LEO encounters or just getting a general idea from how the detectors reacted to radar sources in general, particularly automatic door openers?

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    how the radar react i actually got bette range from the rx65 then the x50



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