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    Default another POP question?

    OK I understand how "POP" operates, I understand what "Instant On" is, as far as pulsed radar goes, that still eludes me as a big problem their are lots of assumptions of what a user experience, and its all over the board trying to understand this. I understand that a new "POP" detectable RD, reacts to "Instant On" as if it were "POP", also, because of "POP" their are lots of false alarms from weak signals tripping the RD. Now previous RD's, those without "POP", they can detect "Instant On" because of the obvious, the trick being that the cars in front of you get lit up long enough and close enough for your RD to pick up the radar ahead. Now to get closer to the point/question, the new "POP" detectors are suppose to detect the 67 millisecond radar burst unlike the older "NONPOP" RD that can not.


    The LEO is suppose to VERIFY the speed with "Instant On" (I beleive this best discribes the event), so if someone is properly relying on traffic ahead to give away the police presence! Because, again if you are alone, and a cop is sitting there for an approaching car, and you come along, your dead in the water, as you get close, the cop flips on the "POP" gets your speed before you can begin to slow, then he just verifies, most likely you get a lower speeding ticket. Is this train of thought correct? Also how could you fight "POP" in court... how can you know that the officer properly verified your speed, heck he could just use the "POP" number?

    A note, travelling in South Florida (Miami to Orlando, even Ocala) on the highway (turnpike) I have past some troppers coming the opposite direction with NO radar active. I have become comfortable trusting my Bel 985, and no longer jump on the brakes even if I see smokey. They just keep going... my guess they are off duty and want to go home! Another instantce I was following a tropper (nothing active) and he was far ahead, he then pulled a uturn and start back in the opposite direction coming towards me, then my Bel started to chirp Ka... I was curious about that moment, then at that moment before the tropper passes me, another tropper ahead behind a curve appears coming towards me.

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    I dont know if its just late at night or I have trouble translating your post. To make things simple, POP is a dif radar gun that most detectors dont detect. It is used to let the officer know if you're speeding, then he is suppose to get your speed using radar like K, KA. Yes its probably instant ok K or KA and who knows if he really did shoot you or just wrote down your speed from the POP gun. NO way to really tell or to fight it. I believe this is already being debated in the courts.



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