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    Default Driving to New Orleans

    Im driving to New Orleans in about 30 mins i will be rec. alot of my trip if can get my sister to shut up during Recording i might be able to use it.
    Wont be posting till thursday
    I will be using my V1 for the Trip i find it alittle safer on long drives plus x50 is alittle to Bright and i have alot of people hang around my blind spots
    Take care , Drive Safe

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    too bright? try the dim feature! Look forward to your results.

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    Suf Daddy

    Default Since its Monday, you've probably already made it.

    East bound 10:
    When you get to New Orleans (20 miles from it) you'll come down off the concrete bridges and get down on the "ground" at the county "Parrish" line, in Metaire, by the airport.
    Its this next 12 mile stretch where the traffic enforcement really happens.

    If the traffic really backs up you can go south at the Huey Br, or better the Causeway exit S to the 3862 road or airline highway, which is a highway into the back of "up town" then drive the surfaces streets towards downtown or the CBD.

    If you go to the end of the Causeway BLVD and turn left towards N.O. there's a Daquiries drive thru right there......

    -Suf Daddy



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