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    Default Found this in an article

    I found paragraph 2 funny.

    Myth No. 7

    A radar detector will ensure that you never get pulled over.
    "Radar detectors give drivers a false sense of security that they can speed as much as they want without facing the consequences of breaking the law," says Ken Underwood, the president of the National Safety Commission, an organization that promotes safe driving.

    But speeding drivers are also more likely to commit other infractions, and a radar detector can't tell you when a cop is watching you run that red light or make an illegal turn. Virginia and Washington, D.C., both ban the use of radar detectors. This year, a Florida bill making the devices illegal died in the Legislature.

    This article was reported and written by Craig Guillot for
    Published Aug. 21, 2007, updated May 21, 2008

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    That's why we have the reputation Fritter thinks.

    Completely untrue.

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    It might be true of Cobra users

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    I believe the opposite to be true. People with radar detectors are more alert and less likely to commit other violations. where as other drivers dart in and out of traffic thinking, "it can not happen to me." Detector users know that the LEOs are out there and will speed where it is more acceptible. Furthermore, it helps keep cops honest about trying to write a ticket because we can tell when they are full of it. Thus, giving us the ability to tell the man to stick it up his fat a**, in a respectible manner of course



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