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    Default lidar comming to Owatonna, MN

    I just spoke to a local LEO and he indicated that the whole department would soon be upgrading to hand held Lidar laser units. " as soon a couple more drunk driver conficated vehicles come in we'll have the money to update the entire force with Lidar"

    I had a pretty good conversation with him, I think he was astonished by my claims to have picked up fellow officers k and ka radars from 2 miles away. He did not believe me! As those of you know, its true, these officers think RD's are just junk and hype! He also said that "they like to set up one spotter/shooter with 2 units for chase and ticketing". I also discussed where theylike to aim and he indicated the license plate is ideal. I may have to start looking into veil and those type products. even though they are illegal in Minnesota

    Anyway, good thing I dont speed in town and these guys are limited to basicly city limits unless requested for outside help.

    ? thought ? I hope the county officers don' share the wealth, I will be in real trouble.

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    Time for a jammer!



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