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    Default Possible POP falsing cause?

    so today i went to test out the mounting position on my car, so i drove towards a usual k false and pulled off to the side of the road right where i had a signal strength of 1. I was moving my detector all the way up the windshield from low to high with not much change, then i got up to the blue tint across the top of the windshield, and started getting pop warnings, so Iím thinking that maybe thereís a possibility that radar coming through tint from side or back windows could be why some people are getting alot of pop falses, because i never get any, in fact that was the first pop alert Iíve had from my x-50, just a thought, maybe people could post if they have tint on there car and if they get alot of pop warnings or not

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    It maybe blocking the majority of the signal out so it may look more identical to POP falses? I havnt thought of this...

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    Maybe you moving it while detecting caused it to read the "false" faster causing it to POP.



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