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    Default LEO on Private Property

    (Technically this isn't about RD's or anything, but everybody else posts OT stuff here, so...)

    1) Can a LEO be sitting on private property off to the side of the road, obtain a speed reading, and legally issue you a citation? Wasn't he 'trespassing'? Could the property owner tell him to leave?

    2) If your speed was obtained and found to be unreasonable by the LEO, does pulling on to private property exempt you, being that you were not caught/pull over in the LEO's jurisdiction? He doesn't go to racetracks and pull people over, although they start and stop on the same property?

    Just a few questions floating around in my head...

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    Unless a complaint is filed by the propety owner. otherwise it's fine

    Thats what a cop told me in ,my college town who operate on private propety

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    I'm no lawyer, but even if the cop is trespassing when he clocks you, I'm pretty sure the ticket stands.

    If a cop is on your property you could complain and that most likely will get him off of the property. But, if they really want to, I'm sure they can find a way to get back on. A lawyer would then be needed. However, I'd be glad to have a cop using my property.

    I know people like to speed, and done at the right times and places it can be safe. But a neighborhood full of kids is not one of those places. You may be technically safe at speed on a particular road and wouldn't expect someone to come running out in the road right in front of you, but kids don't know this. Best to slow to 25 (or whatever the limit is) in neighborhoods. Plus, cops often live in those neighborhoods where they're on someone's property, probably know the owners, and have kids of there own. You really don't want to stopped in that case. And if you are pulled over, don't argue with the cop that he was on private property. Just my $0.02.

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    Had an issue like this not to long ago. If the cop was in a lawful pursuit while in his jurisdiction, he can actually cross state lines to maintain the chase. I was told this by two different police officers. My buddy was bieng stopped for DUI, in the adjoining city and drove into our driveway which is right out of the officers jurisdiction. When the cop flipped his lights on he was basicly 20 ft before his jurisdiction ended. My buddy was gonna use him bieng out of his jurisdiction to beat the ticket untill we found this out.



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