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    Around the Curve

    Lets face it a majority of us radar users don't really see to many straight-away roads throughout our travels. Sure you might get the frequent highway or "route 6" that is predominately straight with slight bends and curves ( for me in NY this would be the taconic state parkway).

    But no matter where we live we all have those infamous windy roads. We all know - at least in my town, that LEOS love to take these scenic curved roads and use them towards their advantage, hiding in discreet side roads or turnaround sections. Although this might not be a concern for the Midwestern states (mostly flat and straight sorry to generalize) for me living in rural NY, I find my self doing the infamous double glance down at the speedometer.

    Sure you can post here and state the GOL radar tests but to me that is not significant. I feel that you can only see how well a radar detector works through personal experience and time.

    So whether you hang a right and go down jolly avenue or you take that sharp left and traverse down break neck mountain pass, just remember hiding in the next gravel turn off or hidden driveway the leo stalks in prey . So please do not take staged tests so seriously, jeesh!

    I guess this turned more into a reflection on my past driving experiences, a story and a question molded into one. Never the less I hope it was somewhat entertaining ^_^? That being said, in your own personal experiences what is the best "around the curve" real time radar detector. From my own experiences I would say sure my x50 is adequate, but maybe not up to par with the big boys.

    Without a doubt this has question has been posed before. But I am looking for the nitty gritty, not a verbatim lecture from someone that can go to Google and type in radar results. Hopefully by adding a story, background information on my self and creativity this question can finally be put to rest.



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    I have an interesting theory about around the curve sensitivity. Essentially around the curve sensitivity is not really that its picking up off axis, or around the curve, its picking up radar reflections from around a turn/hill directly in front of you as you approach it.
    I live in NY/CT are and it’s very hilly and windy. My 9500I has preformed flawlessly with around the curve/hill encounters, some are less than 1/4mi, but if im able to slow down before going around the turn and before the LEO can see me im good to go.

    Here are a few recent encounters:

    (84west NYS) Was driving on a major highway with light traffic late at night, and had a couple of rabbits in front of me.
    I was doing my usual right lane moderate speeding and passing the slow cars on there left while letting off the gas, than moving back over to the right. I would try to pass them after a center cross over where LEO's sit than shooting back to the right.
    As I was doing this maneuver going back to the right lane up a steep hill I got a full KA blast, I immediately let off the gas and peered ahead and saw nothing up the hill. I kept at 5 over for about 1/2mi than I got another full blast KA as I crested the hill (rabbit was still 1/2mi ahead of me). After cresting and making my way back down the hill about 1/2mi I see the little P$!@k in the left lane I/O random cars.
    Needles to say I was very impressed with the over 1mi full blast warning going up a long steep hill.

    (TSP NYS) Just Friday there was a small convertible BMW that blew by me and my 9500I got a weak KA alert than nothing. I kept driving and now the BMW was out of sight, I got another KA blip. I’m thinking there is no way im getting 1-2mi detection range on this hilly curvy parkway. Than around a turn that seemed to be at least 2-3mi from my 1st blip the BMW was pulled over with 4 other troopers with customers.
    Although I don’t think I was really getting 3mi on the TSP because of the curves i guess its still a partial save.

    (RT137 NYS) Early morning, I was day dreaming about arrows, lock out locations and peanut butter (long story) Just then I got a full KA blast... I jammed on the breaks so hard my ABS kicked in and my briefcase fell off my seat and crushed my lunch. Holy C$@p I was thinking, WTF was that, then realized my 9500I went off. As my heart went back into my chest I started to scan for the LEO. Just around a bend there he was I/O in long bursts at the people ahead of me.

    I guess it’s not so bad because I drive so fast no one is usually behind me. But boy did it get my attention, I went from 55 to just under the 40mph speed limit in less than a second. I actually had to speed up so the LEO wouldn’t be suspicious.
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