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    Default Question about canada and RD??

    I live in Michigan where RD are not illegal, but I plan on traveling to Canada (Montreal) in October and I want to know, can I bring my RD with me? I know they are illegal in Quebec but do you think they will do anything??

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    I'm gonna assume you'll be driving through Ontario to get to Quebec.

    Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) use Spectres to catch detector users. We know of some local jurisdictions in Ontario that also use Spectres (Toronto, Peel Region, Kitchener/Waterloo police).

    There are confirmed reports of locals in Quebec using Spectres as well, and you can safely assume that the Quebec Provincial police also have some spectres in their arsenal.

    So, unless you like living on the edge and subjecting yourself to a fine and having your detector seized, don't use it. Of course, if you have a Bel Sti then you don't have to worry about having your detector taken away.




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