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    Default High mount = less falses?

    Did a hardwire in the truck (Frontier) saturday evening, choosing to run the power from the maplight circuit and mounting high above RVM. (no tint band, no dots) After two days of driving around I have some interesting results regarding falses. Expecting to get more false alerts, I surprisingly have got less while driving along the highway past shopping areas. If I pull into the shopping center parking lot and am facing straight at the door opener, I get a signal quicker but it doesn't get past 4 bars whereas before it would start at 1 from a shorter distance then ramp up to max as I approached the radar source. Trying to simulate real police encounters, I drove up to speed signs and got a significant increase in range against both K and Ka band signs. The biggest surprise was when approaching one of the Ka band speed signs from the opposite direction, which introduces a sharp curve into the test. Forward facing off-axis coverage was much better than what I had been seeing before. To sum up, off-axis downward facing radar sources (door openers) are less irritating with a high mount and horizontal sources (LEOs, speed signs) are easier to detect. I haven't done any testing against drones on the interstate but I'm sure they'll now be easy to pick up too but I can live with it if it means more range for detecting LEOs.

    A downside to the highmount is the readability of the display. I have previously stated my preference for the Vectors designs over the 8500S but in this case I'd give the nod to the 8500 as the upward tilting display takes some getting used to on the highmounted Vectors. The alerts aren't as loud in the truck with the sound bouncing around into the headliner, or maybe its the trucks coarser engine and less sound deadening compared to what I'm used to with the Camrys tombstone-like quiet ride.

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    I was going to say it's because the door openers are pointed towards the ground but I guess you figured that out.



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