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    Default wow i say A ++++ for customer service at radarbusters

    ok so i had ordered my 78 on monday and i wanted to track it down but within 2 days they didnt know if it was still in the store or on the truck and hasnt beeing processed yet, so i was getting alittle worried. well i called them and thats what the ytold me, and told me to wait till the end of the day today, if i still cant track it then there were going to investigat and see were it is at, and i was like ok. But as iam sitting on reading stuff hear of course, this where iam always at . I get a phone call and it was the same guy i talk to wish i could remember is name but i forgot, and he was like hi remeber we talk early about your pro 78 and i was like yea well i just found out that it is on the fedex truck right know for deliver, and i was like wow ok thank i never assumed thta he was going to call me.

    so with this said i give radarbusters CS A++++++++++++++++++ thank you and thank to roy. You guys put my mind to ease

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    that is good CS.

    I don't think I have ever gotten a call back when I inquired about something with anyone I have done business with. maybe an email a week later but never a call.

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    never had a problem with escort call backs. they've done the same checks for me as well. Verizon Wireless is pretty good as well when I order phones and accessories

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    Yeah, that is certainly top-notch customer service from Radarbusters.

    I always hear (from other places where I regularly order stuff and have queries) ''We will call you back in the next few days'' and I just go ''yeah ok pal...'' and call them back in a few days when they fail to call me.

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    radarbusters gets my vote also!



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