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    Default New To RD and Need Some Help

    I have recently been ticketed for speeding and am looking into getting my first RD or Jammer. Ive decided to try and help myself because being under the age of 25 with tickets my insurance is getting to high. I live in VA so I know I am taking a risk getting one of these. So which do you think I should go with the RD or Jammer? And which model do you think would work best of these two in VA? I really want something stealthy that I can rely on. I do not speed much but sometimes when I dont pay attention my speed gets away from me. Oh and if your wondering I drive a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder. Thanks!

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    In the most recent tests it appears the V1 is the stealthiest of the bunch. You will need to keep your eyes open and turn off the detector as soon as you see the LEO obviously. I think Spectre was down to 166ft with the V1 so that is pretty close before they can see you. Radar jammers are quirky at best and illegal so I wouldn't bother. If you have a lot of laser there then a jammer might help you. Same rule applies with the jammer. As soon as you know your being targeted you need to be on the brakes and turning off the jammer. You don't want any attention focused on you. Veil would be a good investment if your dealing with laser. Some of the tests conducted here on this site showed that a vehicle with Veil and a V1 can outbrake a laser targeted at typical distances(of course this depends on the vehicle). So I would start with a V1 and some Veil. You need to make sure all your reflective surfaces are covered either with a bra or with Veil. I would add the remote display so that it isn't obvious your using a detector.

    What did they use to target you? Laser or Radar? Sorry to hear about your ticket and insurance problems. It really is a racket.

    Drive safe, have fun,

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    Default VG2

    Since VG2 is used in VA and not the Spectre, both the RX65 and the 8500 X50 were undetectable to it.
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    Alright some I think im going to get the Beltronics RX65 Pro but I am worried about how to conceal it. So I started looking at Valentine One that has the remote display. Is there an easy way to conceal the RX65 so that it will still be able do its job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadarRoy
    Since VG2 is used in VA and not the Spectre, both the RX65 and the 8500 X50 were undetectable to it.
    Thestampcollector advises that the Spectre is coming to VA......




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