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    i was thinking the other night on ways to eliminate the power cord on my bell 880 that my friend gave me for free (yeah i know its old but better then the cobra I had lol) so i was thinking about one of those battery holders from radio shack. you know like the ones you put batteries in for small projects and such, like this one
    and take the wires comming from the battery holder and splice it with the wire that goes into the detector. then just attach it to the bottom of the RD. i was thinking this would be simple enough but should ask you guys. is two AA batteries enough juice to power the RD for a while or do i need more power? im kind of lost when it comes to how much power the RDs take

    thanks and any comments welcome!

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    Look at the power specs in the user manual.

    You'll probably need at least 200ma at 12v and that's for standby only mode. Most detectors draw around 400ma at full alert.

    1 AA battery = 1.5 volts. so.....2 AA battery = 3volts. At that rate, you'd need 8 AA, and I'm not even sure that would give you the proper amperage to run it for more than a few minutes/seconds. I don't know what the AA's are rated at, I've never played with that.

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    just get a couple of 3 volt lithiums



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