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    Default PIC-Motorcycle mounted Stalker radar unit

    Snapped this pic today while sitting with my LEO friend at a local traffic operation. I was going to snap a few more, but his Sgt. was nearby and he doesn't seem that friendly. The other motor officers are really cool guys. One of them came up and asked me if I went by the checkpoint at about 120 last night. I was about to say "yeah, it was me, but I wasn't sure if he was joking, so I asked "are you joking or being serious?" He said he was serious. I said you know me, i always do the speed limit in town, I only speed like that on the highway at 1am". and he laughed. They said they could hear him winding through the gears and then disappear. I said it couldnt have been me cuz im only in 2nd at 120.

    Anyways, here is the pic.

    You can also see the back panel of the Stalker handheld just below the seat on the other side of the bike. If you look at my dash area, you can see my V1 mounted on my bike. When I started my bike up to leave and the V1 went through its power on sequence, the Sgt. looked over at me and gave me a funny look. The other guys know I have a detector. I just think its funny that I pull up to them and they see it on my bike and the Vizalert flashing in my helmet.

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    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!



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