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    I hardwired my Pro 78 the other day, but only had a 10 amp fuse and a 7.5 amp fuse. I put in the 7.5 for the Radar Detector since my radio took 10 amp and I used an Add-A-Circuit. The RD has that tube fuse in the white holder before the positive wire also.

    Is the 7.5 amp going to limit the correct power going to the unit? I want it's actual operating power.

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    Radar detectors are not gonna use more than 2 amps of current. Thats why most of them have a 2 amp inline fuse (in the white holder you describe), so if you put a 10 amp or 7.5 amp fuse, it's not gonna matter because the inline fuse will blow before any short circuit can cause damage to your radar detector.

    I have currently have mine hardwired with a 3 amp fuse because it's the closest I had to 2 amps, and that should be what you're aiming for. But you can still use the 7.5 or the 10 amp fuse with no problems. I used a 5 amp in my video with no problems too:

    YouTube - Hardwiring a Beltronics STi Radar Detector to a 2007 Civic



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