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    I would like to know how instant on works. I know the basics. From what I have found on this site, when people talks about instant on, they are talking about the manual instant on. In my personal experience there seems to be an auto instant on mode. I have experienced this behavior several times. When the LEO stops the radar stops then when he resumes the radar resumes for a brief moment and stops, several seconds after the radar starts again. But when the LEO reaches a cruising speed the radar stays in what seems a constant mode. Does any body have information about this? I would like to get the manuals or training material about instant on radar. Thank you very much.

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    Hmmm, I haven't ever heard of anything like that, I'm not sure exactly what the point would be to such a function...

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    AFAIK all instant-on is "manual". The LEO pushes a button or pulls a trigger and the radar goes on. He pushes another button or releases the trigger and the radar goes off. That's basically it.

    I'm not sure what you saw. Unless somehow the cop rigged the radar trigger to his speedometer or something (not likely). Or your detector was falsing on something.
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    I haven't heard of any thing like you describe.

    I *think* way back in the '80's when instant on was new, there was a Kustom Signals unit, maybe the KR-10 or KR-11 that had a "pulsed" mode when it was moving. It would pulse a lower powered signal every so often when moving, to constantly measure the ground speed, and then when they hit the switch to clock you, it would blast at full strength. This was employed so that an moving clock could be done quickly.

    An old Fuzzbuster II probably wouldn't get the weak pulsed signal unitl it was too late. The original Escort would.

    Later units were able to instant on and do both the target and ground clock in a second or so. When they are off, they are off and then they are on, they are on.


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    Its like this the cop points his or her radar at you and all the other cars on the road and at the push of a button he knows how fast everyone is going. Your only hope is that when your detector gos off your not the one being hit with the radar and its the cars ahead or behide you.

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    All instant on that I've seen is manual. The Stalker Dual SL has what looks like a wireless remote control. There is a button called "RF Hold." It toggles the radar off and on.


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    I think I found the reason for this behavior, in the original post I mentioned that it could be an auto instant-on mode. Researching the internet I found (in a radar manufacturer site) that if the unit is in constant mobile operation the radar will turn itself off when the patrol is not moving (actually it is at 5 mph or less). Also in the site says that even though the radar get the moving speed from the car it will also try to calibrate (confirm it) when moving (using the ground). I think thatís the reason why when the LEOs car start to move it will turn on the radar. The brief 2-3 seconds interruption after the radar started to work again should be the auto calibration. I initially referred to this behavior as instant-on because Outrun refers to it as instant-on in his Ka.wmv video (you can see it in his site But it is not instant-on, its constant-on moving mode.

    I tried to access the radar gun manual on one site but it is password protected. Does anybody have a PDF or HTML version of a modern Ka instant-on capable gun (dash model). It would be very interesting to read one of these manuals. Please note that I obtain this information from the specifications area. But I would like to confirm it with the user manual. Can anybody confirm this? Thank you very much.



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