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    Default new sti (will compare with v1 over the next few weeks)

    well thought id get one as all the talk over here is that they pick up the auto patrol 34.6 alot better than the v1.
    so will keep you updated on if its better or not.
    1st observation yesterday (had it running with the v1) was that it did not pick up a stalker.v1 picked it up and held it..and nothing from the sti.
    turned around and turned off the v1 and then the sti chirped into life...was a bit ..cked off considering the money I had just spent..oh well time will tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by philnz View Post
    (had it running with the v1)
    The STi was most likely effected by interference from the V1. Any tests with 2 detectors running at the same time is not valid. Run the STi by itself for awhile and see how it fares.

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    yea run rd at a time..u will find the STi's ramp up to be horrible compared to the v1's but the range on the STi is comparable..the arrows are a no but the stealth is sweet, as well as all the different display modes you can put it in..also autoscan is great but for open road def. put on highway

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    I do find my STI to pick up the autopatrol 34.6 alot better than my V1. This is obvious when the camera is on the opposite side of the road forward-facing, the STI will pick it up a fair distance away where as the V1 will only alert as I almost pass it. Against the in-car 34.7 Stalker duels the V1 and the STI are hard to seperate however my long distance record would be to the STI on the Desert Road last year very impressive but once again theres not alot in it. I often run them both at the same time and have had no issues (I run the STI in tech mode) and therefore get the arrows and bogey counter from the V1 along with frequency from the STI best of both worlds!
    Let us know how you get on mate

    Fellow Kiwi




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