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    Default Do any detector manufacturers also manufacture radar/laser guns?

    Just curious if this is true. I once read a book about "gray market" products that alluded to this, but I have seen no other support for this claim.

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    I have my doubts that they do.I think they have other manufacturers that do it.I could be wrong.

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    Definitely not in the US market and probably not anywhere. I highly doubt that anyone would try this, since it surely would hurt their credibility in the radar/lidar gun market. Part of their sales pitch these days is always their ability to beat RDs and laser jammers.

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    A few weeks ago I saw an antique Beltronics (well, mid 90's) on eBay. The seller hyped it by saying, "It's by Beltronics, and they also make the radar guns, so you know they know what they are doing."

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    I think this rumor mostly came from people mistaking two similar company names for the same thing:

    -CMI Incorporated, that made radar guns (Speedgun, Speedgun 8, Speedgun Magnum) that was eventually bought out by MPH Industries

    -Cincinnati Microwave Incorporated, sometimes called "CMI" for short, that originally made Escort radar detectors.

    In the past, someone in the industry told me that there might have been a small company in the 60's that made both a radar gun and a radar detector. But I have seen no evidence to support this.



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