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    Default Some advice for an Aussie

    A big G'day to everyone on this site. Anyway I'm a total newbie here this is my first time. I would like some opinions on my best bet for protection. I live in Australia, Queensland to be precise. A land of beautiful surrounds, beautiful women, great cars and a s*it load of speed traps.
    Now we here have the Stalcar and the Spectre RDD. Everything here to protect you is illegal btw. I believe most of our speed cameras or photo radars are now infa red.
    What sort of units and products would best suit me. Obviously I need something that isn't going to stand out like dogs b*lls and that isn't going to be picked up on the Stalcar/Spectre RDD.

    thanks for any replies.

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    Cheers thanks for that.

    What about Jammers? are they detectable? what are the draw backs from say the blinder series?

    Does anyone know how effective the the VF2 flash back unit is?

    but thanks again that RD looks to be pretty good. I spose once you pick something up on it to be on the safe side youd have to shut it off real quick just incase a rdd is being used?

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    Most jammers arnt detecable. If your speeding the best advice is to slow down to the speed limit then turn your unit off. I would probaly get a Blinder m20, Lidatek L30 Dual Heads, Or the New AL6. If price is an issue go with the Blinder. Excelent unit. Also might want to get VEIL STEALTH COATING for headlights. Best of luck.

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    A laser jammer will usually trigger a jam code once you are closer than 50m. By this time you should have turned off the unit and not speeding.



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