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    Default Looking for a Laser Sensor

    Hi guys

    I'm using a V1 in my athermic windshield. If results for radars are quite good, I have absolutly no detection.
    Thenfore I'm looking for a laser sensor to be able to put it on the top of my windshield which seems to be not athermic.

    Does someone had the same trouble, what solutions ?

    A remote antenna for the V1 or trying to find something like the Fusion offering a remoted laser antenna but what about the performances ???

    Many questions that I'm not able to answer


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    Forget remote laser sensor,it's pointless.I suggest that you mount your V1 near rear view mirror inside the area without UV-athermic coating.That should work well aginst K-band Mesta radars,but for laser protection you should not depend on V1 to protect you against Eurolaser or LTI.Buy a Laser Jammer,if you want Laser protection.For Europe the best LJ's are AntiLaser and LaserInterceptor,both are sold as "parking sensors" and not as Laser Jammers.That's important ,because as you know LJ's are illegal in France.

    BUT,if you really don't want/need a laser jammer and you want just remote Laser sensor,then buy Beltronics 975Euro which has two remote laser sensors.



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