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    Default KU BAND NEWS.....8/2005

    New Ku Band May Be Used For Radar Detectors
    By Amy Gilroy | Aug 08 '05

    Radar detector sales this year are flat, although some suppliers are hoping for an increase next year due to possible police use of a new radar band.

    Carl Fohres, president of Speed Measurement Labs, Fort Worth, Texas, said one police radar gun manufacturer is producing a prototype of a new Ku-band radar gun at 13.45GHz, which could lead to police use of Ku guns as early as September of next year.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) confirmed that radio location has been approved at 13.45GHz in the Ku band for a number of years.

    Cobra's sales and marketing senior VP Tony Mirabelli said less explicitly, “There is reportedly new technology that may be entering the marketplace next year … I think you'll see a shift in new features and a revitalization in radar SKU assortment and new products.” He would not confirm that this new technology is Ku-band detection.

    Other suppliers, Beltronics and Whistler, said they were not aware of a new Ku-band police gun prototype.


    The Federal Commumications Commission (FCC) has allocated 13.45 GHz in the Ku band for traffic radar use in the United States, however Ku radars are not sold or used in the U.S. Some European countries are reported to use Ku band (13.45 GHz) traffic radars.


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    Cool news!

    The guy from Cobra should be the last talking about the KU technology affecting the sales.

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    They say that these guns will be out in september of 06 but i bet it will take more time. Its just another thing to bother RD users.

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    Default Re: KU BAND NEWS.....8/2005

    Quote Originally Posted by icantdrive55
    Other suppliers, Beltronics and Whistler, said they were not aware of a new Ku-band police gun prototype.
    Yet my BEL 995 detects Ku band and so does the Rx65 and V1......Beltronics knew about the Ku prototype which didn't show up at SML

    Spoiler: show

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