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    I am going to order Veil tonight for my White trailblazer. I currently have a smoke color plate frame cover over my plate. I plan to veil over it........or just buy a clear version so it won't be too dark.

    Do you think the smoke color cover helps at all for the time being?? I also used fine steel wool over the palte to take the glare out. Looks good without being scratched up.

    Also, how much of does the white paint make for getting nabbed... I really don't want a bra on it. (it will look like a damn zebra) Plus, it is a company vehicle and my boss will wonder what the hell i'm doing...

    Can't wait for the veil........possibly the blinder in future


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    I would definitely suggest LaserShield, if it is legal to have a cover over your plate. Far better than applying VEIL to your plate, it's just doo dark and it wears off atre a while.

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    Also get two little plastic washer spacers, and a nice black frame to put the lasershield in

    If you put it like this |Screws|Frame|Laser Shield|Washers|Plate| then the washers hold the lasershield from bending, which causes the letters of your plate to blur a little, and make the shield noticible. When I added the washers, it reduced the bending effect and made my plate clearer to see.

    I used a flat black painted frame from bell, picked up from walmart, got a pair. They look better than the shield alone, thats for sure.

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    I was reading some of the posts and some people stated the veil might not work that well with the laser shield in testing???? Should I just get a smoke plate cover instead with veil on the lights and grill etc...


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    My experience with veil and covers has been poor. The lasershield is the way to go. The smoke cover will still reflect the laser and the clear veiled ones look too noticeable.

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    Being a white vehicle and a higher profile SUV it is going to be tough to get a lot of improvement without bathing the front of it with Veil(since a bra doesn't interest you), and install an active jammer. I would agree on the Veil vs Lasershield on the front plate. The Lasershield won't be quite as obvious, but it is still quite noticeable.

    I would say look at the recent Veil tests from GOL. It looks like a plain jane Explorer with Veil alone was only a modest improvement. With a jammer and Veil the distances were cut significantly, but still quite a distance that the LEO can get a lock. After I saw these results I have decided to give up on my SUV as far as laser countermeasures(my truck is a lot larger and chrome slathered compared to that Explorer). I could plaster the front of my truck with jammer heads and still get punch through at 700+ feet. I will still put Veil on the headlights and foglights just for grins, but other than that I am not going to put the effort into it.


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    Default bras on a silver celica gts

    does a bra really help with laser- i mean obvious answer is yes, its black but i own the 995 along with the laserpro 904 with not 1 ticket but m lights stay on during the day but a bra wont help me there i started hearing about this laser veil recently, is that the best thing for my car since the lights are my only problem since i have a working laserpro 904 jammer? thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by vw242
    My experience with veil and covers has been poor. The lasershield is the way to go. The smoke cover will still reflect the laser and the clear veiled ones look too noticeable.
    And if Lasershields are illegal in your state, what's in second place?

    - A xeroxed plate?
    - Veil over metal plate?



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