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    Hi everybody i am new to the forum and i have a few quick question about radar detectors. I just bought a mazdaspeed 3 and i am looking into getting some protection before i get a ticket. What are the top 3 radar detectors on the market today under 300. What is better corded or cordless? Thanks for the help everybody.

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    Just for next time you can use the search button to find all the info you need. But the three best radar detectors for under three hundred dollars would have to be
    1.escort 8500 x50
    2.beltronics 995
    3. pro 78 rev c from whistler
    You can buy them from radar busters there a great supplier
    Never go cordless they are horrible
    Also this not stoping you from getting a ticket you have to drive smart. Also where do you live because that helps decide on what type of countermeasures you need. Also do you drive highway or city more

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    Thanks for the help. i no its not protecting me but it giving me more of an advantage than my eyes, ya no. I live in nj. do the law enforcement officers use lasers in nj. if so about what percentage.

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    Laser is big on the NJ tollroads like the Parkway, AC Expressway, Turnpike. NJ is also one of the last states to still use X-Band, which will increase your 'false alerts.' I'd say go with the X50 giving the criteria you mentioned.

    And once your hit with laser 98% of the time you're toast. If you travel the highways a lot I suggest you invest in some laser jammers as well.

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    I agree with Cips.

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    I would get a pro 78 rev c and a cheap laser mask. This would give you the best protection at a budget price.



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