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    Default Circuit Question

    Say for instance you have a radio circuit in a car, how many items can you add to it? Right now I have 2 items that are both self fused to my radio circuit. What is the most that is safe?

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    I am certainly no expert. It's all about how much power each item you attach is drawing, the size of the wiring that is supplying the power and the fuse size you are pulling it through. You could attach 6 different things to one fuse, as long as you don't run them all at once. Just like fuses in your home. I have an 10 gauge wire running direct from the main power under the hood to a 8 way fused splitter under my dash. This way I can fuse each device with whatever size works for it. Plus I have room to add on with the blanks without worrying about overload.



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