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    Default Narrow Ka


    Well theres been a lot of talk about narrow ka recently and wanted to discuss it a little.

    We have super wide ka but not narrow ka.

    I pretty much know what narrow ka means but what, in greater detail does it mean for RD's.

    Do we mean that we want the ability to pick the frequency that the detector searches for or do we mean that we want a detector that has an unbelievable ability to sniff out ka band.

    Because lets face it, Instant On Ka is deadly, straight deadly. You put it in the right LEO's hands and its hard to beat.

    For users like me that live in rural areas, its a big deal with me. On the open highways I'm good, almost always (except in the late night). I'm usually on a road that is 2 laned and very curvy/vast terrained. And I rarley get a reading on the roads I drive on before I get hit with ka.

    So what is rd.nets thoughts on this subject. I think that the Radar Companys really need to get on top of this.

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    Default Re: Narrow Ka

    Rather than scan from 33.8 all the way to 35.5 and back, It would be easier to check the three Fq's that are used by LEO's. (RD picks up signals quicker when it doesn't waste time scanning wide bandwidth)

    33.8 +/- a little

    34.7 +/- a little

    35.5 +/- a little.

    My dearly departed Vector 985 called it "accusweep" and it worked very well.

    The downside to this approach is that the RD can miss LEO's operating equipment that is slightly out of tune.

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    Default Re: Narrow Ka

    Yeah I knew that was the main idea of narrow ka like the STIR has but I personally feel there need to be more done to detect the deadly quality's of ka. The only ticket I've ever recieved was on a 2 laned curvy road and got hit with 35.5 ka i/o by VSP going 70 in a 55. And that says a lot right there. Because I speed on Highway's/4 Laned roads at always 10 over but almost always 15.

    But I have a very advanced knowledge of how to speed on highways with the use of my detector so that helps me out a lot. But that I/O ka is deadly, thats why i take it easy on 2 laned roads as much as I can.



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