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    Default Total Noob, and need help

    ok im a total noob at radar detectors, so i am asking for some help
    i dont know what to buy, and i really dont know what kind of information you all need to be able to help me pick one lol
    i know we have troopers that sit on the interstate all the time and pull people over and they are pretty strict,
    i live in WV, so we have mountains that the roads go up and down
    so im looking for a detector to help me not get a ticket, those cops are hard to see if they sit just on the decline of the hill

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    Default Re: Total Noob, and need help

    You may want to look in the local section to see what they are using. Is it mostly laser or radar? For a great RD I would go with the Valentine 1 or Escort 9500 series. While any detector will "help" none will be a guarantee ticket free driving so being cautious is always best. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Total Noob, and need help

    i dont see anything about wv in local section, where can i see what the cops use in wv?
    ya i know it doesnt guarantee not getting a ticket,but at least some sort of protection

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    Default Re: Total Noob, and need help

    Speed Trap Info - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

    Check out the 'stickies' in that section (they are the first few posts).

    That should help you.

    What is your budget? (that is the big question)

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    Default Re: Total Noob, and need help

    looks like they use K band constant
    what does the constant mean?

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    Default Re: Total Noob, and need help

    that means the radar is left u can pick up constant on radar with a top RD like a Valentine 1 or escort 9500i for miles under the right conditions..with hills and other obstacles it depends on the range but there is no problem detected c/o....instant on, i/o, is when a leo shoots his radar at a car and then turns it off for say 30 seconds or a minute or only is targeting certain cars, so u can not pick it up...very deadly...most likely u will see ur RD get a weak signal, then go away, then a lil bit stronger one, but sometimes he may only shoot once and u pick it up..this is why u always speed with a rabbit, or person in front of u so if the leo is i/o people he will shoot the guy ahead of u and u will pick it up..there are 3 types of radar...X, K, and Ka

    X-Band 10.525 GHz +/- 25 MHz
    K-Band 24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz
    Ka-Band 33.4-36 GHz

    Laser is also used, laser is very hard to pick up because it is a tiny beam of light and when ur RD picks it up u are already done, the V1 is the best at picking up laser but still it doesnt rele matter unless u pick up the beam (which is hard) that hit another car in front of u...the only defense against laser is a laser jammer which is 100% legal in WV

    I would suggest u check out this site...

    Radar Detector Tests and Reviews by Guys of LIDAR



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